#303 All the food that comes out of a pig - 1000 Awesome Things (2023)


      1. You don’t make friends with Sa-lad!

        1. You don’t win friends with salad either ;)

          1. It’s just a little airborne! It’s still good! It’s still good!

            1. Uhhh will you be making that donation now or…

              1. Still, I’d rather not.

  1. Hmmm. Too bad we can’t put a picture of a heart attack on here. Do we wonder why Americans are fat, like pigs. Sorry Nick, love your page but definitely not a fan for this one.

    1. Nick? Try Neil…

    2. To be fair, too much of anything can be bad for you eventually.

      It’s all about knowing when enough is enough…

    3. Mediterranean habits are famous for being among the healthiest in the world. And you know what? Pig food is one of the basics of Spanish mediterranian diet ;)

    4. Ck, you show you do not understand swine by your comment about being ‘fat like pigs’. Pigs are one of the leaner animals. Get to know agriculture and you will find that cattle carry more fat AND the cattle industry is still trying to breed more fat into the animal, it is called marbeling.
      Like anything if you eat too much you will become overweight especially combined with too little exercise.
      Check nutrition and you will find fat has a purpose in our diets, too little and there are vitamins that you will be short of or can not use.
      I love some bacon, ham, sausage, loin roast etc. and of course a BBQ smoked chop.

    5. oh please…like you’ve never seen a fat person anywhere else in the world other than the USA

      1. you should be careful about ambiguous, ignorant comments.

  2. You really had, up to this post that is. To each his own i guess. Best of luck.

    1. For those who are leaving the blog for good after today’s post, I’m curious as to what made you able to enjoy the blog up until today given this post: (http://1000awesomethings.com/2009/04/07/793-all-the-food-that-comes-out-of-a-cow/), but that today’s post was somehow the last straw?

      Because personally, I think today’s post is much better than #793.

      1. Yeah, I’m equally confused. It’s like people are shocked to learn that there are humans who eat meat.

      2. Because cheese is yummy and there wouldn’t be any hot cocoa without cows?

        And pigs are way cuter than cows.

        And there is always going to be that someone who finds some random thing offensive.

        1. whoa, whoa, whoa….in which universe are pigs cuter than cows??? Not in my universe! Cows have big eyes and even temperaments and raspy tongues and they like being rubbed between the ears and getting treats and…and….and…and LOTS MORE STUFF!!!
          Pigs on the other hand are only cute when they are tiny (and baby cows beat baby pigs in looks anyways) so it’s a no brainer. Cows are definitely cuter than Pigs. Period! ;-D

  3. Totally agree.

    “Today I’m featuring mouth-watering spare ribs. Tuck in, then!”

  4. Whooo! bacon! way to awesome it up!!

  5. I really agreed with everything in this blog except for todays

    Pigs are smarter than dogs, are faster than most, are smarter than toddles and make human noises when they are slaughtered :(

    Good luck on your blog

    1. and you’ve never had pork?

      1. vegetarians don’t eat pork. they decide to take responsibility for their actions and educate themselves on the modern day food system which is disturbingly corrupt. But others decide to let their stomachs think instead. Reason loses again.

        1. Be careful not to fall off that horse, Caroline. I think it might be a pretty long fall.

          1. Go Caroline! I’m a vegetarian, and it feels great not to eat something that has feelings of pain. Oh, and Freddo, it isn’t that hard to be vegetarian, I’ve been one for almost half my life, and I am the only person in my family who is.

            1. Thank you! :) I’m the only one in my family too! haha

              1. Amen, Freddo!

            2. Dear Carissa,
              I am assuming then that none of your shoes or purses are made from leather, nor do you have any leather throughout your home. Or maybe the cow doesn’t feel “pain” when we take his/her hide only when we eat him/her.

            3. You do realize that, as a vegetarian, you eat a lot of the poor, adorable little pig and cow’s food, right?

              God wouldn’t have put these animals on the Earth if they had no use.

              1. You are incredibly ignorant of how america’s food industry actually works.

            4. You gotta try dolfin now that’s a tasty treat that will get ya to ea meat agean love

  6. Yep, you lost me too. Sorry, but celebrating the slaughter and greedy consumption of pigs is just in no way AWESOME.

    1. Nope, it’s TOTALLY awesome. There are few thing as sublime taste-wise as a good roasted piggy. Others can enjoy getting their proteins from tofu. I prefer a nice pork loin roast. And just about every bit of the pig is useful for something. And I don’t feel even a little bit guilty about doing so.

  7. FTH. Neil I still love your blog and the versatility of pig meat! droool!

  8. i get a foetal pig this semester in med school which is a little confronting but pretty awesome :) might put me off bacon though!

    1. Yeah, I can no longer eat the things I’ve dissected (fish, lobster :(, mussels). Once you get them into that laboratory setting, they no longer resemble food.

  9. So true Neil

  10. You are what you eat. But being from the south, I gotta say: What, no barbecue sandwich? With a mustard based sauce, of course.

  11. Ya gotta love the pig:@)

  12. i think today was the last time i read this blog, too bad ’cause i’ve kinda enjoyed it.

    living, breathing, happy pigs.. now that’s AWESOME! dead and slaughtered, not so much.

    1. Neil believes it is awesome. Some may not. But to dismiss him and all his future insights on how to relax and enjoy life because he likes bacon seems a little immature.

    2. Sorry, this has hurt your feelings. I think it is just a light hearted observation of the different ways the food industry has been able to market pork.

  13. As long as it’s organic, free range pigmeat, I agree. Happy bacon is awesome. (My grandpap used to have pigs. There’s still some diplomas on their wall from when his pigs won at the fair :D)

    But when it comes to the pig industry, I honestly can’t say that pig meat is awesome. The way they treat those poor animals is really not cool at all.

    Organic bacon ftw!

    1. Thank you – wish more people were as balanced in their responses as this one.

      1. Hah — I love how you wrote this right after posting your hysterical and irrational comment below. Good one, dude.

  14. Um, ok so obviously the people flaming this post are vegetarians… so OBVIOUSLY Neil would have realised some people would disagree to the point that everything from a pig is awesome. But you know what? Heaps of people love pork and bacon and ham and all that yummy protein. Including me. And i was just gonna comment on here saying ‘Made my night a whole lot better. Mind=blown! Never realised how much pigs do for us! Thanks mr pig. om nom nom nom…’ But seeing how many people saying bad things about it, of course theres people for animal rights. (And “I think today was the last time I read this blog…” ? Wow. Because Neil said pig meat was awesome?) But dont go ruining these kinds of posts for people on the AWESOME website. Which made me add all that ^^^ stuff to my initially simple and positive post. Thank you. I’d appreciate you not forcing your beliefs down the throats of people that want to just savour this world of awesome.

    1. THIS, a post about food, made your night “a whole lot better”? You must be American.

      I swear some of these posts are just random BS you can think of to make a post for the day. I’m not a vegetarian, I eat meat because I think it’s part of a healthy diet, but I’ve never looked at eating an animal that had a horrible life only to be slaughtered as anything close to awesome.

      1. oh brother.

        not awesome—negativity.

        Lighten up people. Who among you have never enjoyed a little bacon or a hot dog?? Come on!

      2. Because Americans are the only people in the world who eat food?

      3. Ha, yeah what Marsha said. I’m Australian: We have to eat too you know, otherwise there’d be no one here. And btw I never said that because it was about food that it made my night better. Just the simplicity and randomness of it is what made it all the more awesome. But I’m not sure what your opinion is- so are you with all the people criticising Neil for posting something he thinks is good, when every other post has been about what he thinks is awesome, too? Or are you spouting remarks about animal rights and all that? So, which is it? Because I know that your comment was not positive in the least, so you can’t be with me.

      4. Lighten up with the “American” jabs people. There’s really no justice in that. It’s too bad everyone who thinks those ignorantly obviously haven’t met or been open-minded enough to get to know a genuine American. We’re great people, who definitely know how to be light-hearted. Ease up Suze. You’ll grow old too fast acting like that =).

        1. *It’s too bad everyone who thinks that ignorantly obviously hasn’t met or been open-minded enough to get to know a genuine American. Pardon my lack of editing please =)

  15. He is celebrating the variety of food we get from a pig – so what?

    I don’t mind vegetarians or vegans, but I HATE those who shove their animal rights down my fucking throat. Those self-righteous veggies are the sickening ones. If you don’t like the post, leave it. Don’t attention seek with your “Not reading this blog again” BS. This post is no place to bring in the ethics of slaughter – that’s another post for another day so save your rants for that. Fact of the day: LOTS of people like bacon, and there are probably more meat eaters than veggies. You most certainly don’t see me alienating vegetarians/vegans because of their lifestyle so what makes you think it’s OK to do the same? Might as well boycott all meat-eaters then if you’re going to stay consistent with your discrimination and slamming your views down our fucking throats. Idiots.

    I for one enjoy this blog and choose my meat wisely so I know it comes from a good place. I maybe don’t eat shedloads of meat, but I do enjoy pigs in various forms from time to time. Viva la pig!

    1. So a few of us don’t want to celebrate the reasons that pigs are killed. How exactly does this amount to “shoving animal rights down [your] fucking throat?” Is it not each person’s prerogative to post and say whether they either agree or disagree that the posted item is awesome? And if they’re not going to read the blog anymore…well, I really don’t see why you’d even bother getting angry about this.

      As a last remark, I enjoyed your assertion that “the ethics of slaughter…[is] another post for another day.” I’m not actually holding my breath for Neil to do a post on animal slaughter. So let’s have a friendly discussion now…no need to be getting so upset. If you review the posts, I think that you might see that yours has been among the most intolerant and inflammatory thus far.

      1. JustSayin, I have to say that I see SomePostersAnnoyMe’s point. Those other posts are passive aggressive. If they choose not to follow this blog anymore, why cant they just do that? They can say they don’t like pork, but why do they have to let everyone know that they are abandoning readership because of it? It’s clear the reason they do that is because they are saying “I don’t like your views on meat, you are wrong and I’m rebelling by not following your blog anymore.” So in a way they are shoving their views down non-vegetarian throats. Some even said they really enjoyed the blog yet are leaving over one harmless post about a person’s enjoyment over pig meat. As far as blog readers go, that is as intolerant as they come.

        You may not like the way the other person voiced their view, but I think their view is valid. I support people choosing not to eat meat, but to openly rebel on a blog like this is a little childish I feel.

        1. Well here’s my thoughts – as a vegetarian – ummm yuck! But i get that other people love all things piggy and yes indulge and get down with your meat eating selves. But the thing is I come to this sight first thing in the morning and it makes me smiles and today it made me cringe. Also you may want to ackowledge that people clearly don’t find this to be harmless post – it is something that goes against a core belief and you can’t really blame them for airing their grievances. As for it being childish to stop reading becuase of one post, perhaps thats true- it certainly won’t stop me from coming back- but it may be helpful to the dude who puts this together to know why people have stoppped reading in an attempt to not alienate people further.

  16. “Bacon. That’s bacon. Are you trying to poison me?” XDDDD

  17. You made a post with a hotdog that had ketchup AND mustard!? I’m sorry Neil, I’ve followed this blog for a long time, but no more!

    1. ha ha ha ha!

    2. I’m more offended that the ketchup and mustard are segregated by the dog. There must be a race issue I can read too much into here.

    3. Great point, AP!

      I’m also distressed to see that the condiments were not added prior to adding the hot dog into the bun, as advised in this post: http://1000awesomethings.com/2008/07/22/978-putting-the-toppings-on-a-hot-dog-bun-before-the-hot-dog/

      Where is the consistency in this blog? You are such a G-D hypocrite Neil!!

      I am through with reading this blog.

      Good day, sir… I SAID GOOD DAY!

      1. good riddance

      2. lol!

      3. I know. I’m not even gonna read this blog anymore. This was the absolute last straw.

        1. hahahahaha! :)

  18. I think tomorrow’s post should be Amazingly Close Friendships Between People With Very Little In Common. Just because you don’t agree with Neil on this one point that pig meat is awesome, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all his future non-pig-related posts. I absolutely hate the first snowfall of the season (#361) but I’m still here. :D

  19. Yeah, well. I’m a vegetarian. I don’t think pork is awesome. I still like your blog, though.
    What a lot of fellow veggies are upset about is, I should think, that most of the awesome things you usually post about are more or less universal. And we felt excluded from today’s post. Just sayin’.

  20. Bacon used to be my “Desert Island” food!

  21. I find all this “debate” so silly, Bacon, hot dogs, ham sammies, breakfast sausages… etc = good. Have a nice day all…

  22. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Mmmmm.

  23. You left out hawaiian pizza.

    1. Hawaiian pizza is a delectable conglomeration of galaxies of awesome worthy of its own post…

  24. usually i enjoy seeing your updates in my feed reader, but after this i think i’ll stop following.

  25. Well Done! Pig based products are AWESOME!

  26. I think this is an innocent entry & is intriguing to see the varieties of ways ” edibles” are made out of pork.

  27. I must admit I was a tad disappointed seeing this, not because I find it offensive in any way, but because as a vegetarian, I can’t relate to it. If I ate meat, I would probably have really liked this.

    Not every post applies to everyone, but that’s never been a problem. People from non-snowy parts of the world don’t complain about posts about snow. People who aren’t American don’t complain about posts to do with American Thanksgiving. Anyway, the point of this blog is to celebrate the little things in life, which includes recognizing what we eat. If you’re not happy with Neil’s awesome thing of the day, then why not try making up your own?

    My awesome thing for today: waking up to my Doctor Who CD. AWESOME!

    1. Yay to Jenn for offering a reasoned explanation of her thoughts, and for being able to see the forest for the trees!

      One post that doesn’t resonate with you does not negate the entire theme of the blog… celebrating the small joys in life. If bacon isn’t one of your personal joys, just check back tomorrow.. I’m sure there will be something great!

      1. Agreed. There are many posts about snow and I’ve never spent a significant amount of time anywhere it snows. It’s still nice to read all the awesome things that snow offers, however, because when I hear most people talk about snow, it’s in relation to something negative like airport delays or what a pain it is to shovel the drive or dig out their car.

  28. Love how words wouldn’t have done it justice. HAHA!

  29. All that food from a pig…?
    Yeah right! a pig its a magical animal.. wink wink

  30. Do you know what’s even MORE awesome? A LIVE animal.

  31. Holy controversy, Batman! I have a Black Forest ham and dill havarti sandwich in my lunch bag today. Awesome!

  32. This is my new favorite post. We were literally just talking about how amazing pig meat is this weekend. love it :-)

  33. Add at least one person in place of those who left. Followed a delicious tweet here, and I’ll be back!

    PS. Check out ww.TheBaconArtery.com for some great pork-themed swag!

  34. I had ribs for dinner last night…mmmmm!

  35. In light of the people leaving cuz of pig chat, I felt moved to comment for the first time;

    If God didn’t want us to eat Pigs, he wouldn’t have made them out of bacon, ham and ribs. Awesome++

  36. Hold on folks. When an animal dies to become the food of another, it is pathetic to take only a small portion of the edible and waste the rest, right? So wouldn’t it be wonderful to have such a variety of food come out of the same dead animal, and thus less waste? Regardless of whether you would personally chow down on it, less waste is a good thing.

  37. I love bacon, and always respected Vegetarians for their views. However after reading this comments section my respect for vegetarians just went down the rabbit hole. I mean, if there is something I don’t like (for example, American posts, because I can’t relate to that) I don’t start whining this much. Grow a pair of balls guys, seriously.

    1. Hey! Don’t say all vegetarians! I am a vege, and I didn’t whine. It was probably the less informed, or the less-mannered vege’s. Geees, way to put a stereotype on a group.

  38. The Pig
    By Ogden Nash

    The pig, if I am not mistaken,
    Supplies us sausage, ham, and bacon.
    Let others say his heart is big,
    I call it stupid of the pig.

  39. To quoteVincent Vega, “Bacon tastes gooood. Pork chops taste gooood.”

  40. I do not appreciate today’s post because I do not eat pork, and there are many people in the world who cannot eat pork because of religion or morals. This is a little insensitive.

    1. All this post did was indicate all the foods made out of pork. It does not say anything about how it tastes or who is allowed to eat or not. Really hard to see what is offensive or insensitive.

    2. You know what. YOU’RE insensitive. You come on here with your stupid “morals” or “religion” or whatever, and toss down the entire post for everybody.

      Not only is any set of rules that dictates what you eat besides your own personal diet choices utterly stupid and disgusting to think about, its also YOURS and YOURS ONLY. So keep it to yourself and shut up.


      Are NOT Awesome!

  41. I’m sure someone has already beat me to it, but in case not:

  42. Totally Nasty! :( Not a fan of eating meat my friends, especially pork! But still a funny post. :)

  43. what if your vegetarian…

    1. What if your vegetarian.. what? Went to the store? Had a glass of wine? Made pickles?

      Plus – why do I have a vegetarian in the first place? Is he like a non-meat eating indentured servant of mine?

      1. I can’t remember who the comedian is, but years ago I saw a stand-up act (on TV) where the guy was talking about his vegetarian girlfriend complaining that when she kisses him, he tastes like meat.
        “I taste like meat?! I AM meat!”

        1. YES! I just discovered hyperboleandahalf yesterday, and this blog today! We must be on the same wavelength. My name is Laura too, and I like pig meat!

          1. I like you, for you are officially awesome. :D

        2. Ha you guys are too funny! :)

  44. Actually, I like this post. This morning when some drooling Neanderthal was ogling crudely at me from the car’s passenger window, much less pleasant words came to mind, but than Neil, your posts came to save the moment by providing me with the ideal animal simile. Thank you.

  45. i am a vegetarian. i think the way they slaughter pigs and other animals to produce food is sick.

    i will still continue to read neil’s blog. i will continue to enjoy it.

    i will not judge him or anyone else who eats meat.

    jeez people, come on!

    1. Agreed :)

    2. Oh, shut up. We’re omnivores. Deal with it.

      1. This was actually meant to go to the comment below. I clicked the wrong reply button.

  46. Neil- You’re such an educated, admirable, sweet guy. Please read Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Eating Animals” and realize that your decisions matter and your actions matter. The food industry is seriously corrupt and people are just choosing to ignore it. They know about the cruelty but they have no sense of responsibility and won’t educate themselves further. You have such a strong influence with this truly amazing AWESOME blog, maybe the next post about meat will be in favor of alternatives?

  47. Reading all the offended, self-righteous posts who don’t think eating pigs is awesome is really bumming me out. Some people eat meat made from pigs and enjoy it. To each his/her own. Deal with it.

    1. This.

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