Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (2023)

Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (1)

You can produce the world's best products or offer the highest quality services. You can have great prices and far-reaching digital marketing plans. You can be head and shoulders above your competitors and have a unique selling proposition. But all this makes no sense if no one knows about you. Today, in the era of the Internet, it is foolish not to take advantage of the opportunities and prospects that it opens up. And it is the texts that help to tell the whole world about you.

Content strategy is like fuel for your promotion. The more it will be and the higher its quality, the faster you will start and go, rush, and fly. 73% of companies increased their spending from 10% to 70% of their total marketing budget on content marketing and made great strides. Therefore, it is necessary to use all channels of interaction with your potential clients and use the best tools that help in creating content for your work and involve professionals from the writing service to improve the text content.

Essential types of content writing for a successful business

By writing the text for different purposes and platforms, you can close several tasks of your business at once: increase your brand awareness, talk about the value of a product and service for a user, attract a target audience, expand your customer base, improve your reputation, etc. Each goal implies the use of a certain type of text to achieve it, but at the same time, it cannot be said that the texts on the blog are exclusively informational, and the newsletters are exclusively selling. No, with properly developed content marketing, each channel covers several needs at once, but under the condition that its content is of high quality. It's time to figure out what types of text content exist and how they can be used.

Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (2)

Here are few ways that can help businesses with content marketing-

1.Blog posts
2.Website copywriting
3.Social media posts
4.Advertising/sales copywriting
5.Technical writing
6.UX writing

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Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (4)

Writing content for a blog is an art. Well-structured interesting text can be a powerful conversion tool. It will attract traffic to the landing pages, increase its position in search results, and help form your audience. But for this, the text must meet certain parameters:

  • Attracting traffic - in order for the text to attract users and to be ranked by search engines, it must be SEO-optimized. The use of keywords should be competent and careful; they should not spoil the text but flow into it so that the optimization is not too obvious;
  • Formation of your audience - interesting, unique, useful content will attract visitors, it will be shared, attracting new readers. Articles should be expert, informative, and relevant. Only in this way, it is possible to form the core of potentially loyal active readers and potential customers;
  • Brand awareness - creating a style, brand voice, useful information, and company history - is what will work to increase brand awareness. Forming the image and style of the company in the minds of readers, you put your values in their minds;
  • Linking - using links to the internal pages of the site, you can solve various problems: acquaint readers with your new products and promotions, and increase the value of your products.

If you write one text a month for a blog, it will solve these problems. In order for the blog to completely cover all the needs discussed above, a competent content strategy must be drawn up and high-quality texts written.

2.Website Copywriting

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Texts for website pages are very different from texts for blogs. They can be compared with consultants in an offline store. There is a more or less universal set of texts on the site:

  • The main page is a showcase. The main assortment is laid out on it, a general impression is created.
  • About the company - the text "about us" tells the history of the business, its values, and policies.
  • Sections - the text should tell the visitor what product or service is presented in the section, their general characteristics.
  • Cards of goods or services - details, sizes, features, advantages of the goods.
  • Delivery and return - the user must clearly understand how he can receive the goods, return them, and read all the conditions.
  • Contacts - phone numbers, addresses, social networks.

If all pages of the site are filled out correctly, there is no need to obtain additional information.

In addition to the value for the visitor, the text content of the site affects how it is ranked by search engines. As soon as a site or a new page enters the database of search robots, they begin to check it. If the content does not meet the requirements, there is too much spam or water, the content does not match the declared theme of the site, and you risk trailing in the “tail” of the issue or even getting banned.

If the texts are written correctly, they are read, followed by internal links, spend a sufficient amount of time on the site, the site rises in the search results, attracts more visitors, and so on in a circle until you find yourself in the TOP-10.

Unlike a blog, where optimization for SEO requirements is not the main criterion, in texts for a site, it is a prerequisite.

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3.Social Media Posts

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Who and when made social networks a full-fledged tool for promotion, now it’s hard to remember. But this is not important. Something else is important - posts on social networks are another working tool that needs to be used to achieve such goals:

  • More targeted audience coverage - a social network - millions of users, and among them, there are those who can become a potential customer of your company, set up a search, find your target audience, create buyer personas and work with it;
  • Social networks - as a way to promote the site - if you do not want to sell your products and services directly through the network, you can use posts to place anchor and non-anchor links to your site, thereby increasing traffic and enhancing promotion;
  • Interaction with customers - on your page, you can not only contact customers but also receive feedback from them. In this regard, the social network is the most powerful tool and the best platform;
  • High-quality free advertising is also very effective. With the right design, the content of texts, and a competent content plan, you can advertise a product or service to the widest audience absolutely free of charge.

Now let's take a quick look at how to write posts so that they solve all these problems:

  • Posts should be short in size but capacious in content;
  • The content plan should include entertaining, reputational, expert, and promotional content;
  • Stick to one style, and given the previous point, it is not so easy to do this since it is difficult to write expert and entertaining content in one language, but real experts do it;
  • Keep the voice of the brand, but at the same time, speak the language of your audience. It is also difficult, but there is always a golden mean between informal communication and business style;
  • Dilute textual content with visual content - pictures, videos - this is what users love on social networks, and in order to grow in popularity, you must give them this in addition to information.
    Posts for social networks are a special direction of texts, so many companies entrust their writing to an individual content marketing specialist.

4.Advertising/Sales Copywriting

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Among those who write content for Internet portals, the distribution of specialization is quite strict: informational writers and copywriters. All the texts that we talked about above, except for advertising posts for social networks, are written by informational writers, and copywriters are engaged in selling texts.

This is a separate direction in which there are strict rules, techniques, and derived formulas. A well-written text for a landing page can bring more conversions than all the texts on the site, but not always, and not for all niches.

The structure of the selling text can be different and depends on the formula that the copywriter uses. All these structures have one thing in common - you must lead the reader along a certain road, at the end of which he must perform the action that you need: buy, subscribe to a newsletter, download a program or application, etc.

Writing sales texts is a specialization at the intersection of marketing, writing, and psychology. It is generally accepted that copywriters are the most valuable specialists. Unlike other areas of texts that we talked about above, the selling text has one task - to induce action, roughly speaking, to sell.

The technique of writing these texts is more complicated, they require more preparation before writing, but if the text is written correctly, it really increases sales and work. If the texts for the site are consultants in an offline store, then the advertising text is a manager who sells.

5.Technical Writing

Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (8)

Technical writers are a special caste of content marketing, who can work with complex topics. Usually, technical texts are written by people with special education or those who have chosen technical texts as their line of work and have devoted a lot of time to immersing themselves in the topic. This direction is used by a narrow specific business and works mainly with the B2B segment, where you need to disclose the technical advantages of the product and know the terminology, specifics, and slang.

For companies that need technical writers, it is much more difficult to find a performer, since he must be able not only to write texts but also to be an expert in a narrow field.

The main tasks of technical texts:

  • Fully reveal the advantages of the product and technology.
  • Show the expertise of the company.
  • Attract and interest a narrow audience of professionals.
  • Interact with audiences of professionals.
    Also, technical writers write instructions, product descriptions, and documentation.

6.UX Writing

Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (9)

Yes, this is a separate direction of texts for websites, but, in fact, the result of the work of a UX writer is not a text but just a few words. The complexity of the direction is that in a few characters, you need to fit instructions. Since “texts” are written for the user interface of software and applications, they should clearly make it clear to the reader what will happen if he clicks on this button, where to click to get the desired result, what steps to take to register, download, receive and etc.

Very often, interface designers take on the role of UX writers, but the result does not always match expectations. Designers think in terms of development and that everything should be clear anyway. The writer takes the position of the user, who does not understand anything, and guides him through all the points, giving hints and showing the paths, actions, and results that they will receive as a result of this action.

The purpose of UX text is only to help. He does not sell, does not advertise, does not invite. He presents information concisely, completely, and clearly.

Having dealt with what directions of writing texts are, let's summarize and analyze how texts help your business.

5 Different Ways to Grow your Business

So, how different texts can help your business with the right content strategy?

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  1. Increase Traffic to your Website
  2. Convert Users To Purchase A Product/Service Or Sign up
  3. Share your expertise.
  4. Engage with your audience
  5. Use Auxiliary Tools

Let’s understand each of these in greater detail-

1.Increase Traffic to Your Website

Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (10)

You can attract traffic to the site with the help of texts from almost any source. Competent, interesting blog articles, posts on social networks with links to landing pages, sending sales letters in instant messengers and e-mails, and linking within site - these are all sources of your traffic. Comprehensive management of all areas at the same time will make the site popular and bring it to the TOP of the issue.

2.Convert Users To Purchase A Product/Service Or Sign Up

Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (11)

Selling texts cope with this task better than other areas. They can be used in business card sites, social networks, and mailing lists. The right structure and call to action are very useful tools in the hands of an experienced copywriter. Interestingly, even without a website, you can achieve good sales results by working with other reach channels.

3.Share Your Expertise

Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (12)

Texts will also help to increase your reputation as an expert. If you share your experience, you will be useful to your readers. How-to articles are the most popular content format (77%), followed by news and trends (49%) and guides and e-books (47%). This way of growing business works great with personal brands. It is relevant for coaches, training courses, platforms, and online schools. But manufacturers can also share their experience, inspiring the trust of buyers, and the supplier can improve its reputation among customers.

4.Engage With Your Audience

Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (13)

By interacting with your audience, you can analyze what you are doing right and where you are making mistakes. This is not only a valuable experience for any company but also the only condition for success. Through pages on social networks and communication with readers, you can understand how to properly build your further development strategy. Texts and messages are feedback that will become an invaluable source of information.

5.Use Auxiliary Tools

Finally, we will add to the information already presented a selection of useful tools that you can and should use to create high-quality content.

  • Ahrefs
  • Google Analytics
  • Semrush
  • Hemingway Editor App
  • Canva
  • Delesign
  • Chat GPT

Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (14)

Ahref- a powerful tool for analytics, competitor research, keyword selection for SEO optimization, site audit, etc. With this service, you can get information about the interests of readers and pick up popular topics in order to create content that is relevant and poignant, that will be read, and that will be interesting to your audience.

The service will be useful for both marketers and SEO specialists, as well as copywriters, for tracking trends.

Google Analytics

Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (15)

Another analytics service that gives you an idea of how your content strategy works. You can track from what sources and what links visitors most often go to your site and strengthen these sources, and improve the quality of content in weaker places.

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With the help of Google Analytics, you can understand what exactly your target audience is most interested in at this point in time and satisfy these text requests with content, interesting topics, and relevant messages.

Understand your content better by analyzing the response for your creation. As an analytics tool, it maps the audience behavior, their engagement, content popularity, referral traffic etc. through which you can effectively validate SEO and ensure better ranking of your content.

Google analytics helps to understand which content works best for your audience by analyzing metrics such as pageviews, bounce rates and which piece of content attracts more engagement. By analyzing traffic sources and referral traffic it helps to conclude which content brings in more engagement resulting in effective optimization. Also, by analyzing pages with more bounce rates it helps to get a sense of direction around content planning.Google analytics provides a lot of metrics to analyze the performance of your marketing efforts in order to bring in more conversions.


Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (16)

Semrush is an excellent platform for analytics, marketing, and promotion. The functionality makes it possible to compare yourself with competitors, select key queries for optimization, and track user behavior, needs, and requests.

For writing texts, the service is useful precisely for optimization, as well as for checking the effectiveness of the chosen content strategy.

Optmize your content for better ranking in search engines by identifying relevant keywords for your content. Semrush’s competitive analysis aids creators in analyzing competitor’s content, keyword difficulty and improve their own content. It has unique features like content calendar to plan and publish optimized and effective content. Semrush is an excellent tool to provide good quality content to your target audience.

Hemingway Editor App

Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (17)

An editor service that checks texts for ease of reading. The interface is extremely simple. The text can be loaded into the field, or you can type it directly in the service.

A useful tool for creating short posts, compressed formats, where each sentence should contain a maximum semantic load and a minimum of water. The text is analyzed by verbs and passive voices.

Hemingway's readability score helps in improving SEO of the written content. It helps in identifying common mistakes in writing, improves readability, hence making communicating with your audience easy and efficient, all at free of cost. It’s an essential tool for bloggers, writers and content creators to create and deliver concise and clear content.


Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (18)

Canva- One of the tools for the visual design of text. We have already spoken above about the importance of the visual design of posts on social networks, on websites, and for newsletters, and this is no less important.

Using ready-made templates and libraries, you can create original designs and bases for any text. The service helps to visualize the text and can be an excellent graphical tool to complement any direction of writing texts.

With its easy-to-use interface and library of thousands of templates from business cards to infographic templates which are free to access, generate visually appealing content to capture customer attention and branding. This platform also allows businesses to collaborate with team members in real time, create and share collective content without breaking the bank and the flow.

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Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (19)

Delesign - A service where you can delegate your design tasks to professionals. You care about the writing of the text and experts about its visual design.

On the service, you can delegate the task to different performers, or you can choose one designer who, in your opinion, best copes with the tasks. A designer can become a team member and work remotely on one or several projects at once.

The service guarantees the fastest possible implementation of projects, making changes and refunds if the client is not satisfied with the services provided.

Delesign’s affordable plan packages helps to create numerous designs that resonate with your target audience. Also it provides access to unlimited downloads, revisions and design requests without any additional cost. Track the progress of design by direct communication with designers and get your completed design in a very short span of time.

Businesses can employ Delesign in different ways matching their demands. This platform has a hold of web designers who can help with your business pages to attract more conversions be it through web banners,web illustrations, logos etc. Delesign can also be used to create social media assets such as images, videos and different infographic templates for different social media platforms. It even offers services in areas of product animations, UI/UX animation and so much more to elevate your content ideas to diverse levels.


Essential Content Marketing Tools and Strategies (20)

Chatbot that simulates communication with a real person. The algorithm is based on AI. Convenient tool for customer support, marketing research, and translation. Content can be generated based on ChatGPT messages and texts. It is possible to communicate with clients in real-time. Even developers can use it when writing code.

ChatGPT is an excellent tool for content creation. You can generate new content by suggesting a variety of topics across different categories, optimize blogs by improving tone, style and words. Expand articles by providing additional facts and details and personalize content with SEO focused blog posts and articles.

Businesses can employ this Chatbot to create copy for your digital marketing assets right from emails, product descriptions upto social media captions. This Artificial Intelligence platform can also be used to get marketing tool recommendations.

Among the available vast amount of information ChatGPT can serve as a search engine which helps in finding out relevant information without going through a sea of writeups. By understanding natural human language, it answers better for search queries and by analyzing content, helps in effective time management. Businesses can acquire information about their competitors’ strength, weaknesses, strategies and opportunities they are pursuing, leveraging them the competitive advantage in the industry. ChatGPT facilitates personalized content development based on our queries addressing customer pain points, differentiating a business from others that they can attract more conversions resulting in growth.


In this comprehensive article, we have collected the main recommendations for using content and described the business development tasks that can be solved with the help of content. We also figured out which kind of content works well for business tasks. The benefits of texts for increasing traffic to the site, increasing sales, increasing brand awareness, and improving customer interaction are obvious.

Our next materials will be no less useful and even more interesting for you.

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Learn Content marketing strategies that help power up your business in 2023. This blog helps to Create quality content that improves customer conversions.

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