How to Lower SGPT and SGOT Quickly in 1 Week (2023)

How to Lower SGPT and SGOT Quickly in 1 Week (1)

Hexahealth Care Team Wednesday, 25 January 2023

How to Lower SGPT and SGOT Quickly in 1 Week (2)

Do you know how to lower SGPT and SGOT quickly in 1 week to improve the condition of your liver?

The liver is considered to be the powerhouse of our body. It performs several vital functionscrucial for well-being, such as digestion, metabolism, detoxification,storage and protein synthesis, etc.

SGPT (ALT) and SGOT (AST) are enzymes released from liver cells. When these enzyme levels shoot up, we look for ways to lower them to prevent further health deterioration. Therefore, take some time off your busy schedule and follow a healthy lifestyle to strengthen your liver.

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  2. Normal Range of SGPT and SGOT
  3. Lifestyle Changes to Lower SGPT and SGOT
  4. Home Remedies to Lower SGPT and SGOT
  5. Diet to Lower SGPT and SGOT
  6. Takeaway
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
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What is SGPT and SGOT?

How to Lower SGPT and SGOT Quickly in 1 Week (3)SGPT (Serum Glutamic-Pyruvic Transaminase) and SGOT (Serum Glutamic-Oxaloacetic Transaminase) are enzymes found in the liver. They are often used as markers of liver and heart disease.

When the liver or heart is damaged, these enzymes are released into the bloodstream. Their levels can be measured through a blood test. Elevated levels of SGOT and SGPT meaning they can indicate liver or heart problems such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, or a heart attack.

(Video) Can SGOT/SGPT level demonstrate the extent of liver damage? | Dr K K Aggarwal | Medtalks

But it is important to understand the difference between SGPT and SGOT, as they can indicate different health issues.

Normal Range of SGPT and SGOT

Understanding SGOT and SGPT meaning, range and role in the body is important as it can help treat any liver conditions in the early stage. The SGPT and SGOT normal levels are as follows:

  1. SGPT / ALT (Alanine transaminase):7 - 56 units per litre (U/L) in adults
  2. SGOT / AST (Aspartate transaminase):8 - 40 units per litre (U/L) in adults

Symptoms ofhigh SGPT and SGOT

How to Lower SGPT and SGOT Quickly in 1 Week (4)In many cases, individuals with high SGPT and SGOT levels may not experience any symptoms. However, in some cases, it may be noted:

  1. Jaundice(yellowing of the skin and whites of the eye)
  2. Change in the colour of urine and stool
  3. Swelling in the legs and arms
  4. Abnormal stomach pain (mainly on the right side)
  5. Vomiting and nausea

It's important to understand SGPT meaning in the context of liver health and how it can be used as a diagnostic tool by healthcare professionals.

Lifestyle Changes to Lower SGPT and SGOT

How to Lower SGPT and SGOT Quickly in 1 Week (5)Reducing SGOT and SGPT range is essential to maintain a healthy liver. Certain lifestyle changes can help improve liver function and lower these enzyme levels. Some changes include:

  1. Maintaining a healthy weight: Being overweight or obese can increase the risk of liver disease, causing high SGPT and SGOT levels. Losing weight through a healthy diet and exercise can help to bring down their levels.
  2. Increase vitamin D intake: Vitamin D can play an important role by lowering the fat accumulation in the liver cells. It decreases the risk of chronic liver conditions.Therefore, one must maintain the level of vitamin D in the body by eating foods such as fatty fish (tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel), mushrooms, cod liver oil, egg yolk, beef liver, milk (cow, soy, oat, almond), orange juice, yoghurt, etc.
  3. Exercise regularly: When an individual exercises daily, it helps them burn triglyceride (a type of fat) for energy and reduce liver fat. It may also help prevent obesity, a major risk factor for liver conditions.
  4. Avoid aIcohol:Alcohol is a major risk factor for Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (AFLD). It is toxic to the liver, and untreated AFLD leads to cirrhosis. It is best to avoid alcohol completely to improve liver function.
  5. Quit smoking: Smoking increases the risk of liver disease resulting in a high SGOT and SGPT range in the blood.

It's essential to remember, before starting any treatment, that a doctor's consultation is a must. Get a proper medical examination to determine the specific cause of the high SGOT and SGPT range and find the appropriate treatment plan.

Home Remedies to Lower SGPT and SGOT

How to Lower SGPT and SGOT Quickly in 1 Week (6)Several home remedies can help lower the SGOT and SGPT range. These include:

  1. Milk thistle: Itis a herb that has been used for centuries to improve liver function.
  2. Turmeric: It is a spice that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can help lower SGPT and SGOT levels.
  3. Lemon: A rich source of vitamin C, lemon can help detoxify the liver.
  4. Dandelion root: This is considered to be a natural diuretic and can help increase urine output. It flushes out toxins from the body.
  5. Garlic: As a natural anti-inflammatory food item, it can help improve liver function, thereby lowering liver enzyme levels.

Diet to Lower SGPT and SGOT

There are certain foods and nutrients that you should eat and avoid to help lower SGPT and SGOT range. This results in improved liver function.

Food Items to Eat to lower SGPT and SGOT

How to Lower SGPT and SGOT Quickly in 1 Week (7)Eat a Balanced Diet: A person with high SGPT and SGOT levels can add a few food items to manage the liver disease. A healthy diet is key to having a healthy liver. Some food items that are suggested to lower the levels of these enzymes include:

  1. Cruciferous Vegetables:These vegetables help enzymes to flush out toxic compounds from the body.For example, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower are a source of glutathione.
  2. Green Leafy Vegetables:They also have glutathione, a healthy antioxidant that might be good for the liver.Such as lettuce, spinach, kale, microgreens, and collard green, are rich in minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, and fibre and add fewer calories to the diet.
  3. Fruits and Berries: Such as apples, grapefruit, citrus, and avocados are good for the gut as it contains ample antioxidants.
  4. Beverages: Green tea is primarily rich in antioxidants, while coffee lowers the risk of liver cancer. In addition, caffeinated coffee may be helpful for people with chronic liver conditions.
  5. Fatty Fish: Such as tuna, sardines, mackerel, and anchovies, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that may lower the inflammation in the body. Some studies suggest that fish may prevent fat build-up and maintain the level of enzymes in the liver.
  6. Spices: Oregano, rosemary, fennel seeds, etc., are spices that help detoxify the liver. It is useful to flush out toxins from the body.
  7. Grains: Whole grain items such as brown rice, oatmeal, barley, and millet are good for the liver and are high in fibre and lower sugar storage in the liver.
  8. Nuts: Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, and pistachios are rich in vitamins, fats, and omega-3 fatty acids. They have healthy cholesterol and vitamin E, which are reported to be helpful for people with fatty liver conditions.

Food Items to Avoid to Lower SGPT and SGOT

How to Lower SGPT and SGOT Quickly in 1 Week (8)When you have a liver condition, it is important to be aware of your diet and avoid certain foods that can put extra stress on your liver. Some foods and drinks to avoid include:

  1. Alcohol: Too much alcohol is one of the causes of acute and chronic liver diseases. It affects the liver and results in the fatty liver or other conditions like liver cirrhosis.
  2. Fried and baked foods: Fries, chips, pastries, and muffins are a few examples of fried and baked food. Eating such food items may help in fat accumulation in the liver cells, which may cause fatty liver disease.
  3. Excessive salt: Itmay cause water retention in the body.
  4. Aerated drinks: If consumed regularly, they may begin to damage the liver and help develop several liver conditions. In addition, excessive aerated or fizzy drinks may cause weight gain and obesity, increasing the chances of developing fatty liver disease.
  5. Processed food items: Certain food items, such as red meat and dairy products, have high amounts of saturated fat. Several liver transplant surgeons suggest that individuals with fatty liver disease should avoid processed food products.

To improve your liver condition, it is essential to know how to lower SGOT in 1 week by addressing the underlying cause and making lifestyle changes such as avoiding alcohol, eating a healthy diet, and getting regular exercise.

If you are pregnant, know about diet for high SGPT and SGOT levels in pregnancy.



Understanding what is SGOT and SGPT meaning, and their role in the body is important as theyare vital enzymes for diagnosing liver injuries and diseases. Therefore, if elevated, people can lower these enzyme levels and maintain good liver health by watching what they drink or eat.

You can consult a healthcare professional at HexaHealth to learn more about SGOT and SGPT range and how to lower them.Moreover, our expert team of doctors can help you with the early detection and timely treatment of underlying medical conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to lower SGPT in 1 week?

To know how to lower SGPT in 1 week, it is important to:

  1. Treat the underlying disease can help lower the levels of these enzymes.
  2. Making lifestyle changes such as avoiding alcohol, eating a healthy diet, and regularly exercising.

Understanding SGOT and SGPT meaning is important if you want to lower the elevated range.

How to lower SGOT in 1 week?

To know how to lower SGOT in 1 week, you need to consult a healthcare professional to understand the cause of SGOT high level. You must:

  1. Follow a healthy lifestyle like exercising on a regular basis
  2. Eat a balanced diet
  3. Stop drinking alcohol
  4. Quit smoking

What is SGPT and SGOT normal level?

The SGPT normal levelcan vary depending on the laboratory that is performing the test, but generally, it is between 7-56 units per litre (U/L) in adults.The SGOT normal level is between 8-40 units per litre (U/L) in adults.

What is SGPT normal range in female?

The SGPT normal range for female is between 7-56 units per litre (U/L). A high SGPT range can be an indication of liver conditions.

What is SGPT normal range male?

The SGPT normal range male is considered to be between 7-56 units per litre (U/L). If this range is elevated, it could indicate condition related to liver or heart.

Do high SGPT level mean a fatty liver?

A high SGPT level can indicate liver disease, including fatty liver. But, you must consult a doctor; they will examine and perform specific tests to check your SGPT and SGOT levels. Based on those tests, they could confirm the presence of fatty liver disease.

What can I drink to flush my liver?

Few juices that may help cleanse your liver are grape juice, green tea, coffee, green smoothies, beet juice, etc

(Video) High Liver Enzymes [ALT & AST] – What Do They Mean? – Dr.Berg

How can I detox my liver in 3 days?

You can add a few healthy habits to detox your liver. Add a balanced diet, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, etc., to make your liver fit and healthy.

However, making these changes in your diet will take you a step ahead to achieving your goal in 3 days, but it must be followed rigidly.

What is the role of lifestyle in keeping the liver functioning normally?

Lifestyle plays a vital role in proper liver functioning. A balanced diet with exercise may help protect you from several illnesses. Following a healthy diet detoxifies your liver and helps in flushing out the toxins. A person can use a diet to manage a particular type of liver condition.

Can fatty liver be reversed?

Our liver has an incredible ability to repair itself. Fatty liver disease can, in some cases, be reversed with lifestyle changes and medical treatment. The treatment plan will depend on the type and severity of the fatty liver disease.

How long does it take to lower SGOT and SGPT?

It entirely depends on your disease condition and lifestyle. Therefore, you must consult your doctor; they will examine your condition and guide you accordingly to lower your SGPT and SGOT levels.

Can fasting lower SGPT levels?

A study showed that individuals who were fasting had lowered SGPT levels. It also stated that the nutrient intake was balanced every day. Therefore, fasting might help lower SGPT levels, but you must consult your doctor.

How can I reduce the SGPT range in 3 days?

The SGPT range can be lowered in 3 days depending on the condition of the disease. You can manage your liver disease by incorporating a healthy diet and good lifestyle and eliminating harmful food items. For example, you can add green leafy vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grain products, fatty fish, etc.

Can Liv 52 medication reduce the SGOT and SGPT range?

A study showed that Liv 52 medication could lower the SGOT and SGPT range when tested in animals. However, do not self-medicate and consult your doctor.

(Video) How to Reduce High SGOT and SGPT at home - Explained in Hindi | Raised Liver Enzyme Treatment

(Video) How To Lower SGPT (Alt) Naturally | Foods For Lowering SGPT (Alt) Naturally | How To Lower Alt level


Which medicine is best to reduce SGPT and SGOT? ›

In contrast, the addition of hydroxychloroquine to a regimen of either MTX or aspirin essentially eliminated the SGOT and SGPT abnormalities.

Is there a fasting for SGPT and SGOT? ›

No Fasting Required. No other special preparations required.

How can high SGPT be cured? ›

How can you control the SGPT levels?
  1. Make healthy lifestyle choices.
  2. Maintain a balanced diet.
  3. Try to include vitamin D in your life.
  4. Eat fruits and vegetables that have a rich supply of vitamin D.
  5. Exercise daily.
  6. Maintain a healthy weight.

How can I lower my SGPT in 2 days? ›

Eat nutrient-rich, organic, and plant-based food as it is good for liver health. Avoid too much salt and sodium-rich food. Include more colourful vegetables and fruits as they are rich in antioxidants. Avoid oily, deep-fried, processed, and junk foods, aerated drinks, etc.

What causes sudden increase in SGPT? ›

SGPT is released into blood when the liver or heart are damaged. The blood SGPT levels are thus elevated with liver damage (for example, from viral hepatitis) or with an insult to the heart (for example, from a heart attack). Some medications can also raise SGPT levels.

How do you lower SGPT and SGOT levels in the liver? ›

Increase Vitamin D intake in your diet: Vitamin D helps in preventing any damage happening to the liver and decreases the SGPT levels. Oranges, mushrooms, soy milk, apples, fortified cereals, tofu, eggs, dairy products, oysters cod liver oil, and green leafy vegetables are very good sources of vitamin D.

What foods are good for liver repair? ›

What foods are good for liver repair? Many foods contain specific compounds or antioxidants that have been shown to support liver function. A few examples include grapefruit, blueberries, cranberries, fatty fish, olive oil, and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli or Brussels sprouts.

Does fatty liver cause high SGPT and SGOT? ›

Fat in the liver usually does not produce any specific signs or symptoms. Occasionally patients will experience a dull pain in the right upper abdomen. Blood tests may reveal an elevation of the liver chemistries (SGOT or AST, SGPT or ALT, GGT, Alkaline phosphatase).

What is the alarming level of SGOT and SGPT? ›

An SGOT/SGPT ratio greater than 2 is highly suggestive of alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis.

What food causes high SGPT? ›

6 types of foods to avoid if you have fatty liver disease
  • Alcohol. Alcohol can be a major cause of fatty liver disease as well as other liver diseases.
  • Added sugar. Stay away from sugary foods such as candy, cookies, sodas, and fruit juices. ...
  • Fried foods. ...
  • Added salt. ...
  • White bread, rice, and pasta. ...
  • Red meat.
Sep 16, 2021

What is the critical level of SGPT? ›

Critical value:

>9000 U/L seen in Alcohol-acetaminophen syndrome. This level can distinguish it from alcoholic or viral hepatitis.

What are symptoms of high SGPT? ›

The common symptoms of high SGPT levels in your blood include:
  • Weakness.
  • Nausea.
  • Fatigue.
  • Vomiting.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Swelling in legs.
  • Jaundice.
  • Excessive bleeding.

How long does it take elevated liver enzymes to return to normal? ›

Sometimes, factors such as hormonal changes or reactions to medications can cause temporarily elevated liver enzyme levels. Elevated levels caused by these factors will generally return to normal in about 2 to 4 weeks without treatment.

Can coconut water lower SGPT? ›

SGPT levels increased in treatment after day 17 at a dose of 6 ml despite the downturn in the treatment after 7 days using a green coconut water.

How many hours is fasting for SGPT? ›

10-12hrs fasting.

Does sleep affect SGPT? ›

Blood tests conducted at the start and conclusion of the continuous sleep deprivation revealed an increase of 170% in mean SGOT, 58.5% in mean SGPT and 37.5% in mean plasma phosphorus levels.

Does fasting affect SGPT level? ›

shows significant decrease in SGOT and SGPT level during fasting (p<0.05).

Does high SGOT mean fatty liver? ›

A high SGPT and normal SGOT may suggest the existence of medical conditions like viral hepatitis, diabetes, infectious mononucleosis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, or bile duct problems.

How can I detox my liver in 3 days? ›

How is the 3-day liver cleanse juice diet done?
  1. Morning detox tea.
  2. Breakfast drink.
  3. Supplements.
  4. Lunch drink.
  5. Supplements (multivitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics)
  6. Snack drink.
  7. Dinner drink.
  8. Detox ultra-bath.
Mar 8, 2022

What vitamins are good for liver repair? ›

Which Vitamins Are Good for the Liver? Vitamins that play a crucial role in maintaining liver health include vitamin D, E, C, B. Individuals need to take these vitamins regularly through a healthy diet plan.

How can I fix my liver fast? ›

Focus on a healthy diet
  1. getting sufficient fiber from sources like whole grains as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. choosing lean protein sources, such as seafood, skinless poultry, or legumes, as opposed to fattier meats.
  3. reducing your intake of foods or drinks that are high in sugars, salt, or unhealthy fats.
Sep 8, 2020

Is SGPT 110 normal? ›

The sgpt normal range is about 7 to 56 units per liter of blood serum. Thus, very high level of sgpt in the blood can be an indication of damage or problems related to the liver.

What can I drink to flush my liver? ›

8 Great Bedtime Beverages for Detoxification
  • Chamomile Tea. This tea is mildly bitter due to its sesquiterpene lactone content which helps the liver prime its detoxification pathways. ...
  • Lemon Water. ...
  • Jujube Fruit. ...
  • Lotus Seed. ...
  • Rose Tea. ...
  • Peppermint Tea. ...
  • Oat Tea. ...
  • Schizandra Berry Tea.

Which fruit is best for liver? ›

Fill your fruit basket with apples, grapes and citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, which are proven to be liver-friendly fruits. Consume grapes as it is, in the form of a grape juice or supplement your diet with grape seed extracts to increase antioxidant levels in your body and protect your liver from toxins.

Which fruit is not good for liver? ›

Consuming large amounts of fructose-rich fruits like raisins, dry fruits can result in inflammation and fatty liver. This is because the sugar present in fruits, known as fructose, can cause abnormal amounts of fat in the blood when consumed in large amounts.

What food is good for SGPT? ›

Foods That Help Fatty Liver Disease
  • Fish and seafood.
  • Fruits.
  • Whole grains.
  • Nuts.
  • Olive oil.
  • Vegetables.
  • Avocados.
  • Legumes.

Which food avoid in high SGPT? ›

Stay away from sugary foods such as candy, cookies, sodas, and fruit juices. High blood sugar increases the amount of fat buildup in the liver. Fried foods. These are high in fat and calories.

How long is fasting for SGPT? ›

10-12hrs fasting.

What is the serious level of SGPT? ›

An SGOT/SGPT ratio greater than 2 is highly suggestive of alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis. It occurs in 70% of these patients compared with 26% of patients with postnecrotic cirrhosis, 8% with chronic hepatitis, 4% with viral hepatitis and none with obstructive jaundice.

What foods help repair the liver? ›

Foods that support liver health include berries, cruciferous vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts, and fatty fish. Coffee and green tea contain antioxidants that are helpful for liver health.

How can I lower my liver enzymes before a blood test? ›

Increasing fiber intake, reducing saturated fats and processed foods, as well as consuming a range of nutrients from fruits and vegetables may all help to lower levels. People can see their doctor for an ALT test if they notice any symptoms of liver damage to check whether their ALT levels are within the normal range.

Does fasting heal the liver? ›

Larance Lab research

“We know that fasting can be an effective intervention to treat disease and improve liver health.

Is SGPT 150 normal? ›

The sgpt normal range is about 7 to 56 units per liter of blood serum. Thus, very high level of sgpt in the blood can be an indication of damage or problems related to the liver.

What is level of SGOT and SGPT for fatty liver? ›

SGOT/SGPT ratio less than 1 (SGPT is higher than SGOT): non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. SGOT/SGPT ratio more than 2:1 (SGOT is two times higher than SGPT): alcoholic liver disease.


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