What’s up with indoor skydiving, Atlanta?

The iFly indoor skydiving experience in Atlanta,Georgiagives you the thrill of skydiving, without the whole “jumping out of a plane” thing. After you get suited up and complete your training session, you’ll be able to step into the state of the art vertical wind tunnel and “fly.” It’s a great experience, and one we can’t recommend enough.

We visited with our kids when they were younger, and had a great time! Here are all the details you’ll want to know before you head out toiFly Atlanta.


Indoor skydiving at iFly Atlanta is available to everyone who is 3 years old and up. Even Grandma and Grandpa can join! When we went, our youngest was 4 years old, and he loved every minute of it. You can prep younger children by watching videos beforehand so they know what to expect.

There are also weight restrictions for safety reasons. iFLY may not be able to accommodate flyers who weigh between 260-300 lbs and will not be able to accommodate flyers whose weight exceeds 300 lbs.

There is no height restriction.


iFLY offers various packages, but each First-Time Flyer package includes your training session, use of all the flight gear, your flight time in the tunnel, hands on personal assistance from your instructor and a personalized flight certificate.

Pricing at iFly Atlantastarts at just under $70. They have a lot of different packages and special offers, though.

The 2 Flights Super Saver is the $69.99/person package, which includes two flying sessions. You can also pick 3-, 4-, and 5-flight packages. The Friends and Family 10 flights package gets you 10 flights for up to 5 people, so the whole crew can join in the fun.

You’ll also want to include the High Flights experience. It is $10 extra, and with an instructor, you ZOOOOM to the top of the tunnel for the last 30 seconds of your second 60-second fly. It is well worth the $10, and seems like a lifetime longer than 30 seconds!

Get Your Guide offerstickets to iFly Atlanta, and it’s a great place to get them in advance.

iFly Atlanta also offersspecial discountsfor military, teachers, healthcare professionals, and first responders for weekday flights.

Photos and video are also additional. If you buy the video at the location, on the day you fly, it is $8 per video. Otherwise, it is $10. We bought 4 videos (1 for each of us) and got to pick from which flights we wanted the video – so it was easy to pick the best ones!

Photos are also cheaper when you buy them up front. Totally worth it! The photos are high-res, so you can zoom in tighter if you want.

They also host birthday parties, corporate events, and private events here.

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YES! You need to arrive about 15 minutes before your flight time. You’ll check in and talk about the extras you want to purchase, watch a video, and get further instructions from your flight coach. Then you’ll need to suit up with your flight suit, goggles, helmet, and shoes (wear sneakers or lace-up shoes)!

If you have long hair, make sure to have it braided or pulled back in a low bun so your helmet will fit correctly.

You’ll also get a locker to store your purse, wallet, keys, etc. No jewelry is allowed in the tunnel, so you can store your watch and rings there or leave them at home.

There is a small little gift shop if you want to pick up a souvenir. There is plenty of seating and big screen TVs for watching everyone perform!


As I mention earlier, you can purchase video and pics from iFly. You can also video and take as many pictures as you want from outside the flight chamber. BUT, once you go into the tunnel, there are no cameras or videos allowed — you’ll have to store them in your locker.

And let me be more clear about what it means to be “in the tunnel.” The tunnel includes and “inner” tunnel where you are flying high with your instructor. But it also includes the “outer” tunnel where you and your family and classmates (maybe about 8 or so) are waiting in line for your turn in the inner tunnel.

So, if you are flying with your family like we did, you all go into the outer tunnel area together. So, from that moment on, you have no video or photos unless you bring non-flyers with you (like grandparents) or you purchase video from iFly.


After you’re suited up, you’ll wait a few moments for the class before you to finish and file out of the tunnel. Then you and your class file into the tunnel via a different door. You’ll have a seat on the bench while the instructor gets ready. Then, he’ll call the first person up to the door. They will enter with him and fly for 60 seconds. Again, it sounds short but it feels like forever!

You’ll know your 60 seconds are almost up because a light starts blinking. The instructor will get you to the door, and you pull yourself from the inner tunnel to the outer tunnel, then head to the back of the line. Everyone scoots up on the bench, asthe next person is heading into the inner tunnel.

After each person goes once, then you gear up for round 2, which includes the High Fly (if you paid for it). Our instructor hurt his shoulder and wasn’t able to take us on the high fly, so another instructor stepped in and flew us up at just the right time.

Two things I noticed: It was hard to get my legs in the right place because of everything else I was concentrating on…and I drooled a lot in the tunnel. Ha! Just being honest…I’m guessing this is normal. Just want you to be prepared! The instructors are super nice and helpful, and didn’t seem to mind.

After everyone finishes their second flight, the instructor shows his stuff in the tunnel for a few minutes. They are AMAZING to watch – even more so after you already KNOW how difficult it can be. Then everyone files out.

You’ll hand your suit back to the instructor, get your things out of the locker, and you’re ready to go. Once you are home, you can log in to see your photos and videos. They are available to view at the location, but it’s a bit tricky, so I recommend just waiting until you get home.


So, what other things to do you need to know about iFly Atlanta, besides knowing it’s a lot of fun?

  • The iFLY experience lasts approximately an hour and 45 minutes start to finish. This will cover your check-in time, the training session, your flight time, and time after your flight to remove gear and look at photos and video if interested. Save time bycompleting your waiverahead of time.
  • If you’re a first-time flyer, don’t expect to be doing crazy tricks during your time in the tunnel. Tricks or flips are done by experienced flyers only. Some flyers are able to do turns, move up and down, and forward and backward during their first flight, though!
  • The wind tunnel is loud! They give you ear plugs to help with the noise, but if you have child-sized ones, they may be good to bring from home for your little ones.
  • They recommend you make reservations for your flight experience in advance to make sure you get the time slot and day you want.
  • There are no tandem skydives here — it’s just you in the tube with your instructor helping you out.


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How do I get my pictures from iFLY? ›

All photos can be viewed immediately after your flights and they're available to purchase in a number of formats (digital downloads, 6 x 8 prints and more). You can also access your photos and videos online for a limited time only, following your flights.

How long does a session last at iFLY? ›

We replicate the skydiving experience and offer flights which are about 1½ times longer than a tandem jump. So each flight is around 60 seconds, often a bit longer but never shorter than 50 seconds. A double flight is about 120 seconds long.

Can people watch you at iFLY? ›

What is this? Immediately inside is the wind tunnel itself. There is a seating area so your friends and family can watch your flight and if you arrive early you can watch the group before you have their flights.

Does indoor skydiving feel the same as real skydiving? ›

Indoor skydiving mimics the feeling of freefall almost exactly while trimming away the external factors that cause many first-timers anxiety. Because there is a smaller barrier to entry, indoor skydiving is a much less intimidating first step to flight than traditional skydiving.

Can you take your own pictures at iFLY? ›

The pictures and videos iFLY takes are worth it! Sure you can take pictures with your phone, but your cameras and phones are not allowed in the wind tunnel. You can also stick your GoPro on the wind tunnel exterior if you like, but the videos come with music and are really cool!

Do you wear shoes in iFLY? ›

Please arrive comfortably dressed and bring a pair of well fitting lace-up trainers. Avoid collared shirts and any form of slip-on or Velcro footwear. If you're without lace up trainers, we have footwear for hire.

Do you have to wear pants at iFLY? ›

You put on a jumpsuit and helmet with eye protection, so wear what ever you want underneath.

Can you go in the iFLY with multiple people at once? ›

We generally fly several people in each session. Your friends and family will be part of the same group, however you will fly one at a time in the flight chamber one-on-one with your instructor. Once you have gained more flight experience then you will be able to fly with others of the same skill level in the tunnel.

How tall is the iFLY tunnel? ›

At iFLY, your soaring is done inside a 50-foot-tall vertical wind-tunnel. The tunnel, which is more of a tube, is 14 feet in diameter and equipped with a reassuringly bouncy cable-net floor. The wind comes from four fans that create a powerful cushion of air for you to float on.

What do I wear to iFLY? ›

You'll put a flight suit on over your clothes, so wear a comfortable outfit you'd wear on a regular day. Eating prior to flying is okay.

What is the risk of indoor skydiving? ›

What Are the Risks of Indoor Skydiving? While indoor skydiving is safer than skydiving, there are minimal risks involved. Typically, risks include bumps and bruises from collisions with the walls of the wind tunnel or with other flyers.

Why is there a weight limit for iFLY? ›

In order to provide a safe experience for flyers and instructors, iFLY may not be able to accommodate any flyer who weighs between 260-300 lbs; additional evaluation by an iFLY staff member upon check in will be required to determine whether the flyer can be accommodated.

Can you breathe while indoor skydiving? ›

One thing people tend to worry about with the indoor and outdoor versions of our sport is whether it is hard to breathe when skydiving. The increased airflow over your face can make it seem like you can't breathe – but you absolutely can. Chances are you're even holding your breath!

Can you wear glasses while indoor skydiving? ›

Indeed you can. And, if you wear contact lenses, you should wear them skydiving! We have goggles that will keep your corrective lenses in place for the duration. It would be a crying shame to suffer through a blurry skydive, especially with the Big Apple skyline sittin' there waiting for you to gawk at it.

Does indoor skydiving make you tired? ›

To skydive out of an airplane, the winds and the clouds have to cooperate. Second, you can fly a lot longer in an indoor skydiving tunnel. In the sky, you would have about a minute of freefall per jump. In the wind tunnel, you can fly until you get tired (which typically happens in a few minutes, it's tiring!).

How do you take pictures skydiving? ›

Chin Up: Raising your chin helps your body form the optimal belly-to-earth position for skydiving. Smile Wide: Engaging the muscles in your face will keep your cheeks from flapping in the wind! Eyes Forward: The view's better looking out at the horizon, and your face will be on camera not the top of your head!

How do they get pictures of planes in the air? ›

In ground-to-air photography, photos of aircraft in flight are taken with the photographer on the ground. This type of photography is common at airshows or airports. Generally, a long focus photographic lens is necessary due to the greater distance between the photographer and the target aircraft.

How much money does iFLY make? ›

iFLY's revenue is $10.0 million.

IFLY has 81 employees, and the revenue per employee ratio is $122,839. IFLY peak revenue was $9.9M in 2022.


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