Ranking All The (Very) Different Jack Ryan Movies (2023)

The Jack Ryan movie franchise has ran for 28 years and counting. Based (mostly) on the best-selling series of military techno-thrillers by the late Tom Clancy, five films have been made about the heroic CIA analyst, with four different actors portraying Ryan (two of which were failed attempts to reboot the series). Together, the five films total have grossed $923-million worldwide. With Amazon Prime launching Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan as a new TV series starring John Krasinski, the fifth actor to portray the titular hero, let's look back at the collection of very different Jack Ryan movies.

Regardless of which actor stepped into the role, the overall portrayal of Jack Ryan throughout the films has been mostly consistent. Ryan is a former Marine turned CIA analyst, who is also a history teacher, author, and professor at the United States Naval Academy. His wife Cathy (Muller) Ryan, a surgeon, also figures prominently in most of the films. Because of his geopolitical expertise and his unerring sense of right and wrong, Ryan is regularly drawn into crises that threaten the United States. The films began during the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union, but as times changed, Ryan's adventures spanned conflict with the Irish Republican Army, the war on drugs coming from South America, and post-9/11 terrorism.

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The Ryan films, however, are inconsistent in tone and quality, which makes them a challenge to rank. The first three films in the series are the easiest to follow as they more or less function as a continuing narrative. When director John McTiernan and Alec Baldwin left after Red October, Harrison Ford took over as Jack Ryan in Phillip Noyce's Patriot Games and Clear And Present Danger, which fit as the same character Baldwin played. After creative issues stalled the franchise in the late 1990s, the decision was made to reboot the films with a younger Jack Ryan played by Ben Affleck in 2002's The Sum of All Fears. Despite Sum's financial success, the franchise ground to a halt until it was rebooted a second time in 2014, with Chris Pine assuming the role in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. If all of this sounds confusing, that's because it is.

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5. The Sum Of All Fears

Ranking All The (Very) Different Jack Ryan Movies (1)

The Sum of All Fears was the first post-9/11 Jack Ryan film and deals with a Neo-Nazi terrorist setting off a nuclear weapon in Baltimore, Maryland in order to start a war between Russia and the United States. It was released in the summer of 2002, just months after 9/11, and the subject matter of a nuke detonated on American soil can make the viewer queasy, even watching it years later. In the film, Ryan is the only person to realize that the nuclear bomb wasn't Russian, but a framing attempt. The CIA analyst then races against time to get this vital information to the President of the United States, played by James Cromwell, before an all-out war is launched and the Neo-Nazi can fulfill his true scheme, to establish a fascist European state.

Despite a stellar cast, including Morgan Freeman as CIA Director William Cabot, Bridget Moynahan as Cathy Muller, Liev Schreiber, Colm Feore, Ciarán Hinds, Phillip Baker Hall, and Bruce McGill, the plot is convoluted and difficult to follow. Tom Clancy was disgruntled with the many changes made to his novel; in the DVD commentary he introduced himself as "the author of the book that [the director] ignored." At this point in his career, Affleck, who was a controversial pick (just as he would be when Ben was cast as Batman a decade later), simply lacked the gravitas to be convincing as Ryan, even though the character was meant to be younger and brash. Ryan's love story with Cathy also hit awkward rom-com notes ill-fitting with the deadly serious subject matter of the main plot.

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4. Patriot Games

Ranking All The (Very) Different Jack Ryan Movies (2)

1992's Patriot Games began the highly successful two-film run of Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan with Phillip Noyce in the director's chair. Ford was coming off the end of the Indiana Jones trilogy and embraced Jack Ryan as his new franchise. While visiting London with his wife Cathy (Anne Archer) and young daughter Sally (Thora Birch), Ryan prevents an IRA assassination attempt on a member of the British Royal family. In the process, he kills the younger brother of one of the terrorists, Sean Miller (Sean Bean), who vows revenge and follows Ryan and his family back to the United States. For his part, Ryan has retired from the CIA, but after Miller tries to murder his Cathy and Sally, Ryan returns to the Agency to stop Miller and the IRA splinter group he's part of from forming their own private army.

Tom Clancy's novel was actually a prequel to The Hunt For Red October, but the film takes place after the events of the first film. Clancy was so unhappy with the changes the screenplay made, he asked to have his name taken off the film. After the cerebral techno-thriller that was Red October, Patriot Games is a more straightforward action film. Taking full advantage of Ford's status as an action hero, Ryan finds himself constantly involved in bloody fistfights and shootouts. Clancy found the conclusion of the film - a memorable all-out assault on Ryan's home that ends with a boat chase and violent brawl between Miller and Ryan - particularly "unrealistic". And he's not totally wrong. Despite a great cast including James Earl Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, Patrick Bergin, and Polly Walker, Patriot Games has a muddled political story that never gels with the personal grudge between Sean Miller and Jack Ryan.

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Ranking All The (Very) Different Jack Ryan Movies (3)
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3. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Essentially "Jack Ryan Begins", 2014's Shadow Recruit depicted his origin story that was only hinted at in the prior films. The new Jack portrayed by Chris Pine was rebooted as a student at the London School of Economics during 9/11. He joins the Marines out of a sense of patriotism and survives a helicopter crash that places him in traction. His doctor during rehab is his future wife Cathy, played by Keira Knightley, who suspects he's hiding an affair from him a decade later when they are living together in NYC. In truth, Ryan only poses as a Wall Street broker when he's actually a CIA analyst recruited by Thomas Harper, played by Kevin Costner. Ryan discovers and foils a Russian plot to cause the United States economy to financially collapse while also preventing a terrorist attack on Wall Street.

Kenneth Branagh both directed and starred as the villainous Viktor Cherevin. The first Jack Ryan film not to be based on a Tom Clancy novel, Shadow Recruit was a conscious effort to turn Jack in a post-Jason Bourne action hero - and it mostly succeeds. The film presents the most breakneck, frenetic action of the franchise. Knightley's Cathy Muller is also directly plunged into the action alongside Jack; her scenes verbally dueling with Branagh are among the best in the film. Despite Pine's all-in performance as Ryan, audiences weren't enamored with the reboot. Shadow Recruit ended up as the lowest-grossing Jack Ryan film and didn't spawn sequels. However, Ryan's adventures in Moscow were both glamorous and deadly, the action scenes are top-notch, and Branagh's Russian villain is one of the best of the franchise.

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2. Clear And Present Danger

Harrison Ford and director Phillip Noyce's second and final Jack Ryan film, Clear And Present Danger finds Ryan promoted to Acting CIA Deputy Director - Intelligence. Uncomfortable when forced to play the politician, Jack navigates a complex web of lies by members of the White House cabinet, who are conducting a covert war with Columbian drug cartels while setting Ryan up as the fall guy. Jack is driven to clear his name and expose the conspirators, up to and including the complicit President of the United States. As in Patriot Games, the film's still-relevant politics and spycraft are built around several blisteringly violent action scenes where Ryan travels to Columbia, dodges explosions and gunfire, and gets into a fistfight with the villain, Col. Félix Cortez (Joaquim de Almeida), who is described in the film as "a Latin Jack Ryan".

Once more, Tom Clancy was less than pleased with the changes made to his novel, but the film succeeds despite its issues with pacing and an overreliance on plunging Ford into action scenes. Clear And Present Danger stuffs a great deal of plot into its 141 minute running time, but at its center is Ford at his most resolute; his Ryan is a pure-hearted Boy Scout who knows right from wrong and he memorably tells off the President in the Oval Office. Willem Dafoe portrays John Clark, a CIA operative who was a regular character in Clancy's novels but it kills off James Earl Jones' Admiral James Greer, Ryan's mentor in the CIA. Clear And Present Danger also contains callbacks to Patriot Games and The Hunt For Red October, nicely tying together the first three films to make it all feel like a complete trilogy.

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1. The Hunt For Red October

Ranking All The (Very) Different Jack Ryan Movies (4)

In 1990's The Hunt For Red October, Alec Baldwin's Jack Ryan shares center stage with Sean Connery, who plays Captain Marko Ramius, the skipper of the titular Russian nuclear submarine. Ramius steals the Soviet Union's most advanced sub, which is built with a silent propulsion system that makes it invisible to sonar. As the US braces for a possible nuclear attack, Ryan is recruited by the CIA as a consultant and figures out Ramius' true motive: he plans to defect and turn the Red October over to America. The film becomes a suspenseful cat-and-mouse game as Ryan attempts to convince the US Navy to aid Ramius before the Russian Navy can sink their defector.

A nail-biting techno-thriller set in 1984 in the waning years of the Cold War, Red October was directed by John McTiernan, who also helmed Predator and Die Hard. Baldwin's Ryan tends to be overshadowed by Connery's star-power (despite his amusingly suspect Russian accent), but the two leads make an excellent on-screen duo when their characters finally meet on board Ramius' sub. The stellar cast includes Sam Neill, Tim Curry, Scott Glenn, James Earl Jones, Courtney B. Vance, and Stellan Skarsgård. (Cathy Ryan only briefly appears at the beginning, played by Gates McFadden from Star Trek: The Next Generation.) The purest cinematic adaptation of a Tom Clancy novel that is very different from its sequels, Red October's suspenseful Cold War intrigue still holds up today and it easily ranks as the best of the Jack Ryan films.

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Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan streams on Friday, August 31, 2018 on Amazon Prime.


Why did Alec Baldwin stop being Jack Ryan? ›

"Fundamentally, the reason that Alec Baldwin and I ended our relationship over the character of the Jack Ryan franchise was an issue of trust. We did not trust one another to continue in the enterprise.

How many versions of Jack Ryan are there? ›

Five big-name Hollywood actors have played Jack Ryan in five films and in Amazon Prime Video's TV series, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, but which version of the American hero is the best?

Why did Harrison Ford stop being Jack Ryan? ›

It was long rumored that Ford would reprise the role of Jack Ryan a third time, but in mid-2000 it was announced that he stepped down because he was unhappy with the scripts he'd received. The role was offered to Ben Affleck, and The Sum of All Fears co-stars Morgan Freeman as CIA Director William Cabot.

Who was the original Jack Ryan? ›

Alec Baldwin in The Hunt for Red October (1990)

Alec Baldwin was the first Jack Ryan to arrive on the silver screen when he took on the character in Tom Clancy's The Hunt for Red October in 1990.

Who was considered to play Jack Ryan? ›

Jack Ryan has been portrayed in film adaptations by actors Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine. The Jack Ryan film series from 1990 to 2014 have an unadjusted worldwide gross revenue of $788.4 million to date, making it the 57th-highest-grossing film series.
Jack Ryan (character)
Jack Ryan
ReligionRoman Catholic
10 more rows

Why was Cathy written off Jack Ryan? ›

The character was never written out of the show, she just disappeared. There was not a single reference of her throughout Season 2, and the only clue given was Ryan (John Krasinski) sleeping with another woman early on in the season, and then later on saying he's single.

Will John Krasinski do another Jack Ryan? ›

John Krasinski is confirmed to be returning to play Jack, while it has been reported we will also see a return for Abbie Cornish's Cathy Mueller, who hasn't been seen since season 1.

Is John Krasinski coming back as Jack Ryan? ›

John Krasinski is back as Jack Ryan. His returns comes three years after the last season in the Amazon Prime series, “Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan.” Season 3 of the show follows Ryan in Rome, as he tries to unravel a plot by Russia to invade surrounding countries and recreate the Soviet empire.

Which is better Jack Ryan or Jack Reacher? ›

The Final Verdict. While Reacher may seem like the obvious choice due to his muscular physique and brutal killing methods, Ryan is the best Jack because he has the element of surprise. Reacher seems more obvious to read and sticks out more to the villains, while Ryan has slightly more resources at his disposal.

What order should you watch Jack Ryan films? ›

Tom Clancy movies in release order
  • The Hunt for Red October (1990) The Hunt for Red October is the best starting point for the series. ...
  • Patriot Games (1992) ...
  • Clear and Present Danger (1994) ...
  • Sum of All Fears (2002) ...
  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) ...
  • Jack Ryan Season 1 (2018)
Jan 21, 2023

How many Ben Affleck Jack Ryan movies are there? ›

This set features all five movies based on Tom Clancy's classic character Jack Ryan. Included here is The Hunt for Red October; Patriot Games; Clear and Present Danger; The Sum of All Fears, and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

What rank was Jack Ryan in the military? ›

John Patrick Ryan was born on May 17th in 1982 in Baltimore, MD. On June 22, 2000, Ryan commissioned in the United States Marine Corps as a Second Lieutenant. Working as an Infantry Officer, Ryan was assigned to the 5th Battalion 10th Marines.

How many seasons did John Krasinski do with Jack Ryan? ›

Is Jack Ryan based on a true story? ›

Description. Jack Edwin Ryan was a real-life hero, working undercover with the French Resistance during World War II and meticulously planning CIA operations designed to help America avoid all-out war in Vietnam. He rose from an Irish family with roots in public service and law enforcement.

What is Jack Ryan's wife's name in the books? ›

Caroline "Cathy" Ryan (née Muller) is the wife of U.S. President Jack Ryan, Sr. and current First Lady of the United States. She appears in several Tom Clancy novels and films.

Is Jack Ryan 2 Based on a true story? ›

Is Jack Ryan based on a true story? It's not, but as fans of the franchise will already know, it is based on a series of books.

Is Jack Ryan and Jack Reacher the same? ›

Reacher is an ex-military police officer who has grown cynical through his experience, and begins working outside official institutions to maintain justice. Ryan is more of an analyst than an action hero, and works within the government itself to find peaceful solutions to potentially volatile situations.

Who is the antagonist of Jack Ryan? ›

Type of Villain

Mousa bin Suleiman was a terrorist mastermind who planned to poison the President of the United States in revenge for the deaths of his entire family. He is the main antagonist of the first season of the 2017 show Jack Ryan. He was portrayed by Ali Suliman.

Did Tom Cruise star in Jack Ryan? ›

Although there have been previous Jack Ryan films starring none other than Hollywood icon Tom Cruise, they did not captivate the audience's interest like this John Krasinski blockbuster.

Why is John Clark not in Jack Ryan? ›

But don't expect Clark to appear in the new Amazon series, with showrunners Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland telling Digital Spy that rights issues prevent them from using the character. "No, [he won't be appearing]," said Cuse. "He's kind of his own separate thing."

What happens to Jack Ryan's wife? ›

Cathy was Jack Ryan's (John Krasinski) love interest in the first season, just as she was in Tom Clancy's novels. In the books, in fact, Cathy and Jack ended up getting married and having kids and all that — and she's the First Lady when Jack is elected president.

What happens to Matice in Jack Ryan? ›

Jack and Jim are asked to leave after they receive a warning from Reyes. Matice and his team find Marcus but are ambushed by the guards of the compound, and Matice is killed in the gunfight. Marcus and Disco (a member of the team) watch from a distance as the guards take away Matice's lifeless body.

What happens to Harriet in Jack Ryan? ›


Noomi Rapace's character Harriet Baumann played an integral role in the first half of the season, but by the time her beloved Max Schenkel dies, she is written out of the show.

How much did John Krasinski get paid for Jack Ryan? ›

The movie grossed $297,372,261 worldwide as of this writing. That means we can estimate Krasinski again most likely earned upwards of $15 million for his behind-the-camera and onscreen responsibilities on the film.

Was Jack Ryan Season 3 filmed before Russian invasion? ›

The episodes were written three years ago, and production wrapped long before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Was Jack Ryan Season 3 filmed in Russia? ›

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan was shot in Washington, Paris, Marrakesh, and Montreal. Season two added new locations in Colombia, Russia, and London. The new season 3 was also filmed in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, and Greece.

Why did it take 3 years for Jack Ryan Season 3? ›

The episodes were written three years ago, and production wrapped long before Russia invaded Ukraine. Filming “Jack Ryan” was delayed when the pandemic forced everything to shut down.

Will there be a 4th Jack Ryan? ›

Jack Ryan was renewed for Season 4 by Amazon Prime Video in October 2021, and in May 2022, Amazon confirmed that the fourth season will be the last. There's no release date for Jack Ryan Season 4 yet, but it shouldn't take another three years between seasons, because Season 4 has already been filmed.

Why did Jack Ryan Season 3 take so long? ›

After years of waiting — thanks to COVID-19 delays and multiple behind-the-scenes shake-ups — Jack Ryan returned to Prime Video on December 21, 2022, bringing us eight episodes of action-packed goodness.

Who is older Joe or Jack Reacher? ›

Joe is two-years older than Reacher. As their father was in the U.S. Marines, they spent a good deal of their childhood moving with their father as he was transferred from one assignment to another.

Is Jack Reacher a big guy? ›

(Tom Cruise's casting as Jack Reacher was met with severe criticism from fans of the book series, primarily because the disparity in their heights: Reacher is portrayed as a blond, 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m) tall, 250-pound man in the novels, while Cruise is a 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m) brunette.)

Who played Jack Reacher better? ›

Jack Reacher is a tough and intelligent character portrayed by two skillful actors. While Cruise does his best to make the role of Reacher his own, Ritchson is better because he embodies the character's physique, displaying both strength and vulnerability.

In what movie does Jack Ryan become president? ›

Jack Ryan, Sr. (1996 - 2001, 2009 - Present) - Former Deputy Director of the CIA. He succeeded Edward Kealty as Vice President under President Durling. However, he succeeded Durling as President following his death at the end of Debt of Honor.

Is Air Force One a Tom Clancy movie? ›

Hilarious in Hindsight: Harrison Ford played Jack Ryan in two movie adaptations of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan novels. The novel published a year before the movie shows the character dealing with becoming the US President. Hot Chick in a Badass Suit: Glenn Close as the Vice President.

Is Patriot Games a sequel to Hunt for Red October? ›

Patriot Games is a 1992 American action thriller film directed by Phillip Noyce and based on Tom Clancy's 1987 novel of the same name. The film is a sequel to the 1990 film The Hunt for Red October, but with different actors in the leading roles, Harrison Ford starring as Jack Ryan and Anne Archer as his wife.

How many movies does Harrison Ford play Jack Ryan? ›

So far, Harrison Ford is the only actor to play Jack Ryan for more than one film, playing the character in both Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.

How many movies were Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in? ›

Despite their popularity, however, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks have only managed to star alongside each other a total of 4 times, although each time has produced a film that is certainly worth watching.

Are there any more Jack Ryan movies with Chris Pine? ›

Actor Chris Pine once found himself portraying action hero Jack Ryan in the titular film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. But he unfortunately never had the opportunity to revisit the character in any sequels.

Who was the last 5 star general or admiral? ›

In September 1950, Omar N. Bradley became the fifth Army general to be promoted to five-star rank. The five-star rank still exists, although no U.S. officers have held it since the death of General Bradley in 1981.

Which Jack Ryan is the best? ›

The Best Jack Ryan Movies & Series, Ranked
  1. 1 The Hunt For Red October.
  2. 2 Patriot Games. ...
  3. 3 Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (Amazon) ...
  4. 4 Clear And Present Danger. ...
  5. 5 The Sum Of All Fears. ...
  6. 6 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. ...
Jan 9, 2023

Who is the highest-ranking soldier in the US? ›

General Mark A. Milley is the 20th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation's highest-ranking military officer, and the principal military advisor to the President, Secretary of Defense, and National Security Council.

Why did Harrison Ford stop playing Jack Ryan? ›

It was long rumored that Ford would reprise the role of Jack Ryan a third time, but in mid-2000 it was announced that he stepped down because he was unhappy with the scripts he'd received. The role was offered to Ben Affleck, and The Sum of All Fears co-stars Morgan Freeman as CIA Director William Cabot.

Why is Cathy not in Jack Ryan season 2? ›

The character was never written out of the show, she just disappeared. There was not a single reference of her throughout Season 2, and the only clue given was Ryan (John Krasinski) sleeping with another woman early on in the season, and then later on saying he's single.

Why is Ryan not in the last season of The Office? ›

The actors who portrayed Kelly and Ryan (Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak) left the show to work on a new series The Mindy Project.

Is Jack Ryan still in the CIA? ›

After retiring from the CIA, Ryan later served as National Security Advisor and Vice President before suddenly becoming President of the United States following a terrorist attack on the United States Capitol.

Who is Constantine in Jack Ryan season 3? ›

Anton Pampushnyy: Konstantin Vyatkin.

Does Jack Ryan have a son? ›

Jack Ryan, Jr. is the son of President Jack Ryan and Dr. Cathy Ryan.

Which Jack Ryan should I read first? ›

Jack Ryan Universe books in order
  • Book 1. #1. Without Remorse. Tom Clancy Aug 01, 1994 (first published in 1993) ...
  • Book 2. #2. Patriot Games. ...
  • Book 3. #3. Red Rabbit. ...
  • Book 4. #4. The Hunt for Red October. ...
  • Book 5. #5. The Cardinal of the Kremlin. ...
  • Book 6. #6. Clear and Present Danger. ...
  • Book 7. #7. The Sum of All Fears. ...
  • Book 8. #8. Debt of Honor.

Is Jack Ryan season 2 better? ›

Jack Ryan's second season is both more refined and more predictable, doubling down on its espionage set-pieces while toning down its titular character's moral complexities to create a more straight-forward spy show.

In what order should I watch Jack Ryan? ›

Tom Clancy movies in release order
  1. The Hunt for Red October (1990) The Hunt for Red October is the best starting point for the series. ...
  2. Patriot Games (1992) ...
  3. Clear and Present Danger (1994) ...
  4. Sum of All Fears (2002) ...
  5. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) ...
  6. Jack Ryan Season 1 (2018)
Jan 21, 2023

Can you read Jack before Gilead? ›

It's the fourth of the Gilead series, though technically you can read them in any order. Chronologically, it comes before Home. Jack is the first of the series not to take place at all in the town of Gilead, though it certainly haunts the entire novel.

How old is Jack Ryan in the books? ›

The book refers to Jack's age as under 40.

Will there be a 3rd Jack Ryan? ›

Jack Ryan Season 3 premiered on 21 December 2022. Jack Ryan is an Amazon exclusive, so it's available to Prime members who can stream it on Prime Video. There's a 30-day trial if you've never used it.

What is Jack Ryan Season 3 coming out? ›

Jack Ryan Season 3 Web Series will be streamed on 21st December 2022 on Amazon Prime Video. When will the Jack Ryan Season 3 web series be launched on Netflix? Jack Ryan web series season 3 will be launched on Netflix on 25 December 2022 on the occasion of Christmas.

What religion is Ryan Reynolds? ›

Reynolds has Irish and Scottish ancestry, and was raised in the Roman Catholic Church in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood. Reynolds has been involved in acting since age thirteen.

How much did Ryan Reynolds pay for Wrexham? ›

How much did Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney pay to buy Wrexham? Multiple reports all indicate that the price the duo paid for the right to own Wrexham was around £2 million ($2.5 million). Ever since then, the club has had major work both on and off the pitch.

Is Air Force One part of the Jack Ryan series? ›

"Air Force One" is not by Tom Clancy. Harrison Ford is not playing Jack Ryan.


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